December 9, 2022


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The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most effective way to replace teeth that are damaged or lost. If you’ve lost, decayed, or cracked teeth, you might be an ideal candidate for dental implants as they will give you a natural, fully-functioning smile. With their advanced technology, Family Dentistry are experts in dental implants in Baton Rouge will make your teeth look and feel like real, natural teeth. This article will help you understand how dental implants work and why this form of orthodontic treatment is becoming increasingly popular.

Tooth loss

There are a variety of circumstances that could lead to severe bone loss in adults such as serious tooth loss due to periodontal disease or poor oral health. In these cases, tooth loss surgery is performed by an oral surgeon. However, with dental implants, there is less risk of severe bone loss and the recovery is often faster. When a patient has severe bone loss due to severe tooth loss or illness, it can sometimes take years for them to regain any use of their jaw.

When a tooth becomes loose, breaks off, or breaks through the gum line, it can easily travel to nearby teeth and cause much pain and disruption of the patient’s smile. In addition to the actual replacement of the tooth, dental implants also help to repair the root of the tooth that has been lost. When the implant is placed into the bone, a strong new bone begins to grow that allows the tooth to fully heal.

Restore function and improve confidence

There are many benefits to using dental implants to replace teeth. One of the most common reasons that people choose to undergo this procedure is to help restore function and improve confidence. When one or more teeth become inaccessible, it can significantly decrease a person’s ability to communicate, eat or talk properly. For this reason, thousands of adults and children suffer from this issue every year. Using dental implants to replace at least one missing tooth allows patients to regain all of the functions that they once enjoyed.

Patients who qualify for dental implants will be offered a variety of different prosthetic options. Some of these devices can include dentures, bridges, crowns, or dentures. However, some devices can be used in several different ways to cover up or heal damaged teeth. Some dental implants even provide a permanent replacement for teeth so that nothing will interfere with the patient’s ability to eat, speak or smile normally. Dental implant procedures are an excellent way to restore function and beauty to the mouth.

It is impossible to know what you will have available for you in the future. As you get older, missing teeth can create several problems including difficulty chewing, difficulty talking, and smiling. By replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, you can enjoy a fuller and healthier smile that will give you more confidence and a better quality of life. Contact a cosmetic dentist today to find out how you can enjoy a healthy, bright smile that will make everyone smile with you.