September 30, 2023


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Professional Garage Door Repairs in Las Vegas

Garage doors are used often and are exposed to outside elements continuously.  They also have moving parts that wear and tear over time.  Some problems with garage doors can be avoided, but there are problems that are unpredictable and can occur randomly.

No garage door is immune to these faults.  Hence, garage door installers also offer garage door repairs to help ease the burden of homeowners and business owners who deal with garage door issues.

Here, we discuss some of the most common issues along with the common garage door repairs in Las Vegas.

12 Common Garage Door Problems and Repairs

  1.  The door is difficult to raise

A garage door slides up and down a track system using the rollers.  When the rollers are worn out, you will have difficulty raising your garage door.  Repair this issue by lubricating the rollers and making sure that it is replaced every 5 years.

  1.  Automated door won’t shut

The most common reason why your automated door won’t shut is that the safety sensor is displaced.  Check if the system’s safety sensors are calibrated properly when your garage door suddenly refuses to shut down.

  1. The Door action is rough

Another problem caused by worn-out rollers is when your garage door does not roll up or down as smoothly as it should.  Similar to the first problem, a garage door repair would be to lubricate the rollers.

  1.  The door opens and closes slowly

The most common reason why your garage door opens and closes slowly is because of a faulty door spring.  It can also be caused by other faulty elements so make sure you have it checked by professional garage door repairs offered in Las Vegas.

  1.  Rusty and noisy hinges

Rusty and noisy hinges on your garage door can become rusty, noisy, and weak when they are not lubricated properly and regularly.  Spraying with a considerable amount of WD-40 once a year can keep your garage door hinges rust-free, noiseless, smooth, and durable.

  1.  The door is too noisy

Unlubricated moving parts of your garage door can make your door creak, grind, and squeak a lot.  Other possible causes would be worn-out cables and rollers or even a broken spring.  

When these are the causes, you should call a professional garage door technician who can do garage door repairs in Las Vegas.  

These are problems that are better handled by professionals unless you’ve had experience in dealing with these kinds of garage door issues.

  1.  The door is totally stuck

The common reasons why your garage door gets totally stuck include:

  • Bent track
  • Conked-out moving part like the pulley
  • Debris or dirt obstructing the wheel tracks
  • Moving parts are not lubricated well enough

You can deal with the lubrication and removing debris or objects on the wheel tracks, but call a technician for repairs on bent tracks and conked-out moving parts.

  1. Water entering the garage

Garage doors that developed cracks or split on the surface can cause water to get into your garage.  If you have a wooden garage door, caulking can be the immediate repair.  You may also want to check the sealants if they have worn-out so that you can replace them. 

  1. The door doesn’t shut fully

First, make sure that there is no object obstructing the door’s pathway and photo-eye sensor.  For automatic doors, this problem might be caused by a faulty limit switch.  For manual doors, it could be caused by bent tracks, broken cables, or other worn parts.  Call for help from garage door repairs offered in Las Vegas.

  1.  The door doesn’t stay open

A defective spring or a faulty spring system can cause your garage door to not hold up when you open it.  It is best to leave this problem in the hands of a professional because repairing garage door springs is risky. 

  1.  The door motor has slowed

Any electrical device can reach its limit.  The power and strength of a garage door’s motor can also wear out over time.  To deal with this problem, you can simply adjust your garage door motor’s limit switches.

  1.  The door shuts too quickly

A snapped cable or spring can often cause your door to loosen and shut too fast.  You should always ask a garage door repair professional in Las Vegas to service and repair the broken part.

When to Call in the Professionals for Garage Door Repairs in Las Vegas

When proper maintenance for a garage door is ignored, the garage door will most likely break.  You need to decide if the problem is something you can handle or if you need to call a professional for help.  There are several garage door repairs offered in Las Vegas by competent professionals and technicians.  Know when garage door repairs are just beyond your skill.