May 30, 2024


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Why should you consider learning programming languages?

Top 10 In-Demand programming languages to learn in 2020 | by Md  Kamaruzzaman | Towards Data Science

Have you ever heard the word programming? How does the sound of it feel to you? Does the idea of doing programming scares you or excites you? Well, programming generally provokes different reactions, and it is a reality that programming is not a convenient task.  However, if you join the programming languages online courses, learning programming could become a breeze for you.

This post is going to share with you how programming can be important for you. Of course, you should look forward to learning different programming languages as they could be game-changing for you.

You can develop your own website 

It is definitely incredible to think how much the world has altered since the times of 1991 when the world wide web first began. The web has taken over your lives and it is displaying no sign of stopping. Who knows where the web will take you in the future? Perhaps in another 10 years, every single person is going to have their own website. One thing is for sure, having a powerful website is a powerful thing in the digital world today.

In case you own a business, a web presence is definitely a must. If you don’t, really you still might want a personal blog or even portfolio website to simply sell your skills to prospective employers. Certainly, your capability to create and maintain a website is definitely restricted unless you learn HTML and even CSS code, the code that almost all websites run on. Of course, once you join up a course on the web, you can be sure that you have earned the skills of programming.

You can become a professional programmer for your career 

Ah, are you a person looking for a career change? The humble computer programmer is definitely quite possibly one of the most underrated professions out there. The need for coders far exceeds the supply, even so, you are going to have no trouble finding a good job. In fact, you know what, it has been projected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming years.

Come on, irrespective of the business type or the industry, these days programming is important. Every company hires programmers to ensure that their website is well programmed. Of course, if you are skilled in programming skills, you can be sure that you have a buffet of job opportunities to choose from. And the lucrative income you would make is going to be really heart-winning.  The point is simple, the world is asking for more professional, expert, and effective programmers and if you can be one; that would be great. Remember that since the supply of coders around the world is somewhat quite low, the pay is definitely attractive too. No matter in which corner of the world you go, you would find yourself valuable.

You can start a business

Just imagine that you got an idea for a software product or even a web business. You want to form up the next Facebook. But you are somewhat short on financials, and being in a position to hire a team of coders is a definite pie in the sky. Why not simply learn code and build the product by yourself?

Come on, you have no idea how it has become a path that many entrepreneurs are selecting to go down. They have actually started off with virtually no sort of coding knowledge and have gone on to simply build their own tiny software businesses. Moreover, once you know it well, you can make it a source of really huge income. You can have your web application and once it is popular, you can sell it to tech giants for a huge amount of dollars.

You know what, some of the types of businesses you can definitely start are like:

  • Selling software
  • Selling your coding time.
  • Selling mobile apps
  • E-commerce

In case you do have a good product idea, there’s no reason to simply sit fidgeting your thumbs waiting for money to fall out of the sky. In case you really can learn code, you’ll not just be able to realize your product, but even know the source code of your overall software inside out.  

You can satisfy your curiosity 

Of course, you are surrounded by all kinds of devices: desktop computers, even laptops, tablets, phones, and more. People are all the time using their overall programs and applications. Aren’t you simply curious about how these work? Would you like to experience a better understanding of the devices you are definitely simply working with every single day of your life?

Now to be more particular, do you know how it is possible that you simply can transfer cash by just clicking a couple of buttons? Or how it is possible that you simply can share your picture with the rest of your world with simply some clicks? In case you do learn to program, you will definitely begin understanding how all this sort of magic can take place, and eventually, you are going to be able to form up this kind of magic too.

You can learn to automate your regular tasks 

Are you simply exhausted from doing repetitive tasks? Do you simply hate already doing the same computations every single day because you could not find a proper sort of application that does the task for you? Well, in case you do learn programming, you are going to be able to create your own small programs/applications to simply ease your regular tasks. No one better than you is going to know what you really need, and in case you can find a solution for it! Come on, when you learn to program, you can put many of your procedures in automated mode!


To sum up, you can check out the best programming courses for beginners and ensure that you are at programming. After all, learning programming would be a boon for both your professional and personal growth. The more programming languages you know, the better and smarter you get.