December 6, 2022


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Things to know about LTAC travel nursing in Tulsa

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Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma. This place is surrounded by rivers and mountains. Weather is also known to be sunny here almost all year round. Can you imagine working here? If you are a nurse then maybe you could consider working as a travel nurse. LTAC travel nursing in Tulsa is open for every nurse who wants to work and travel at the same time. Long-term acute care facilities are continuously hiring travel nurses for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Long term acute care facilities often need manpower,since patients here require a lot of attention in order to recover faster. Staffing experience shortage sometimes, that’s why travel nurse agencies are offering services to fill in the shortage by sending  travel nurses for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Benefits of being an LTAC travel nursing in Tulsa

Referral fee

Working alone in a facility you are not familiar with can add up to your being new. Why not encourage your fellow nurses to work with you and even get a referral fee for doing so. Travel nursing agencies give referral fees to nurses who can refer someone who can also work for them .

Flexible schedule 

Most nurses work around the clock, since their jobs are crucial and most of the time their patient’s life depends on them. That’s why travel nurse agencies made a program where schedules can be flexible. They offer standard assignments time. For instance, some agencies assign travel nurses to patients for three weeks or longer depending on the needs of the patients. Since patients in the long term care facility need more monitoring, being their travel nurse until they will be sent home would be beneficial for the patient. However, your assignment would depend on your contract with the travel nurse agencies.

Premium pay 

Since specialization is needed in becoming a LTAC travel nurse, of course, compensation should also match the effort you will be putting on your job. Being an LTAC nurse requires a lot of responsibilities including the following roles:

  • Proper response during emergency situations
  • Removal of sutures
  • Detailed knowledge on patient’s diseases
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Chest tube care
  • Accurate record on a timely manner
  • Caring for wounds
  • Acts as advocate for the patients and its family members in decision making related to the care plan

These are just a few of the duties of an LTAC travel nurse and there are many more. Therefore right compensation should be given.

24/7 Chief Nurse availability

Since being an LTAC travel nurse requires decision-making most of the time, seeking advice from your supervisor would be best. That’s why they provide round the clock availability of the chief nurse to respond to your queries and requests. They want to make sure you get all the help you need especially during stressful situations.

Pleasure after work 

Once your contract ends as an LTAC travel nurse, you are free to renew or take a break for a while. You can also choose to move to another state or place to have your next LTAC assignment. During your break you can spend this time to appreciate the beauty of Tulsa and be able to get familiar with places and even learn their cultures as well as explore places that surround it.

Continuous Learning 

Coaching sessions during your stay in the facilities will be provided. This is given to help you enhance your specialization more and for them to have a good reputation when it comes to quality of the nurses they deploy. Learning new tactics and techniques can help you get a better pay in the future. It’s great to have an opportunity to grow professionally while working at the same time.

Long term acute care facilities need travel nurses to bridge the shortage of manpower and provide excellent service to patients in their facilities. LTAC travel nursing in Tulsa is continuously growing and if you are a nurse why not try connecting with agencies who can orient you on how the job works. They can help you and you can help them as well. If you think you are good enough to perform the needed duties and responsibilities of a long term acute care nurse then there’s no need to hesitate.