February 20, 2024


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Signs Your Car Needs A Tune Up

It is common for cars to start smelling bad and have a bad auto tune-up. When this happens you need to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible and get it done for you. This should be done at the earliest sign of trouble. If you ignore it, your car will get worse and eventually break down completely. Read below to find out some of the causes for a car’s tune-ups and problems.

Several signs your car needs a tune-up

If you start to notice warning signs on your car that say something is wrong, chances are your vehicle needs a tune-up. These warning signs include a change in the oil pressure, an overheated engine, or even a burnt-out headlight. This is why it is essential to visit NOLA auto repair shop to tune up your car.

Clean air filter

There can also be warning lights flashing from your car that tell you your car needs a clean air filter. You will know that your vehicle needs a clean air filter because it will experience a loss in power when you put any engine running. Other warning lights that your car needs a clean air filter are the red “O” and the purple “P” lights. You should pay attention to these warning lights because they will let you know there is something wrong with your car. Keep in mind that both of these warning lights go together with the “O” and “P” lights, which means your engine needs to be cleaned.

Clogged auto spark plug

The next problem that your vehicle will experience is a clogged auto spark plug or a burnt-out spark plug. The first thing you should do when you notice the symptoms of a burned-out spark plug is to visit a reliable auto body shop. Professionals will examine your car for a checkup. If the auto shop determines that you need to replace your vehicle’s spark plugs, they will give you a cost estimation for replacing them.

Burned-out plug

If the auto shop determines that the problem is indeed a burned-out plug, they will have you replace the existing one with a new one. Some cars come with factory plugs that need to be replaced with new ones and others come with universal plugs that can be changed.

Replacing battery

If the car needs a tune-up because your battery needs replacing, there are other warning signs that you should be aware of. One is the indication that the vehicle needs to be drained of all the water in it.

Tire replacement

If the tire is flat, it is essential to have it rotated. Otherwise, the tire may not wear evenly, which can result in dangerous wheel spinning. Another sign that a tire needs to be replaced is if the car starts to lose power as it gets into the pits during a drive. Another common warning sign is if the engine stalls while being driven. This is usually a sign that the filter needs to be replaced.

If neither of these preventative measures works, your vehicle’s best option is to have it repaired by a professional auto repair shop. If you think you may need a repair, be sure to get the vehicle checked out first. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with auto repair procedures so you don’t get stranded at the vehicle lot when your car needs a tune-up. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several excellent repair shops available to you.