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In desperate need of a vacation?

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7 Steps for Planning a Family Vacation on a Budget

Whether one is planning a vacation to a nearby area or faraway place, a trip to visit family, or a holiday away with some family members. Either way, one immediately links vacation to be very expensive or gets the idea vacation will get one in lots of debt. However, if done correctly, it is possible to find affordable vacation packages and perhaps even save money. Certain websites like ticketsmarter allow travelers to book tickets for live events or shows to attend in the destination one is traveling to. It is essential to consider all aspects of travel, such as flight tickets, tourist activities, hotels, food, daily commuting, and more, to allow one to experience many affordable vacations.

It’s all in the location.

When deciding where to travel, one should consider adding non-traditional tourist locations to the destination list. These areas will be a lot cheaper to visit and in terms of activities to do if the town does not usually have so many tourists. Canada and Mexico are two good examples. Typically seeing a very touristy destination means that the prices will all be inflated to ‘catch’ the tourists. Therefore, the activities, hotels, and restaurants will be very pricey as they are situated in a prime spot. In addition to that, one should consider the time in which the holiday is booked. Meaning that should one travel during December for Christmas, for example, prices will be increased during peak seasons. Furthermore, depending on where one stays will increase the price dramatically. For example, a 4-state hotel will cost much more than renting a room or staying in a backpackers lodge. 

Travel agencies are your friend.

Working through a travel agency will also allow one to pick a package best suited to the budget and travel expectations. The travel agent will be able to negotiate and try and find the best deals for the client. Research a couple of travel agencies and then sign up to the mailing list, as often these companies email good deals. In addition, one can browse many websites to find the latest information and details on traveling to a destination. Even social media can assist with this. Following a travel agency on a social media platform will ensure that relevant content pops up in one’s feed, allowing one to keep tabs on possible upcoming deals and packages. 

The importance of compromising 

There are many areas to save money when booking a vacation; however, it boils down to personal preference. So, consider all options and decide where to cut corners and costs. For example, for some people, staying at a hotel on holiday is non-negotiable. However, budging the time of traveling might be considered. On the other hand, others may not mind paying less to stay in a backpackers lodge but want to visit touristy areas which are more pricey. It is important to remember the traveler’s needs should be met; however, a compromise is needed for the traveler to save some costs. So do the research, decide what aspects are of utmost importance and what aspects one is prepared to waver on, and then book the vacation and enjoy the time away. 

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