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How to Avoid Mistaking Correlation for Causation in Search engine optimization

Every so frequently the Search engine marketing community will erupt into an uproar at the publication of a new ranking components analyze.

The regular cry – “correlation is not the very same as causation!”

You may possibly be acquainted with the terms.

Correlation is the “mutual relation of two or far more things” and causation is “the motion of causing or generating.”

Fundamentally, is a thing truly the lead to of a end result, or does it just come about to adjust in line with the end result?

To set it plainly, listed here is an strange instance of correlation.

Tyler Vigen - Mozzarella consumption civial engineering doctorates graph

According to the info collected by Tylervigen.com from the U.S. Section of Agriculture and Nationwide Science Basis, there is a direct correlation in between the selection of Civil Engineering doctorates awarded in the U.S. and the for every-particular person use of mozzarella cheese.


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Which is ideal.

Want extra civil engineers to graduate in the U.S.?

You’d greater start eating more cheese.

We can all speedily recognize that it’s very likely currently being a coincidence somewhat than a causal backlink.

This is a great instance of correlation not becoming the similar as causation.

Why Are Correlation & Causation a Worry in Website positioning?

A ton of Website positioning activity is primarily based on demo and error, working experience, and statements from research motor representatives.

Owing to this, there are frequently assertions built like “SEO action X has a positive influence on your webpage rankings.”

For instance: “links from authoritative web-sites will boost your website’s SERP rankings.”

Occasionally, these will be exact – the said action will be what has triggered the ranking boost.

Other instances, it is purely coincidental.

The problem with this is that there can be significant time and dollars invested in carrying out Seo actions that will under no circumstances pay off.

For instance, what if there was an Web optimization review that advised the selection of JPEGs on a page was a ranking aspect.


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This hypothetical research suggested that the extra JPEGs the higher you are probably to rank in Google.

This may well induce Web optimization experts to commence including visuals to their webpages irrespective of whether or not they would benefit the end-consumer.

And shelling out for photos or a quality image assistance could be high-priced.

No to point out the time taken to upload the images to each webpage could also be pricey.

How to Prevent Mistaking Correlation for Causation

How then do you determine if Y is afflicted by X, or if variations are mere coincidences?

Think about the Claim

Very first of all, look at what is being claimed.

In some cases a commonsense examine of what is getting discussed will be more than enough to decide no matter if the correlation is a coincidence.

The following two issues can go a long way to doing work this out:

  • How could the research engines evaluate this?
  • How would it reward the conclude consumer and as a result the research engines?

This is not an exhaustive list.

The cynical us could ask, “would this fiscally benefit the research engine?”

Or you may possibly question, “would this be the situation for my industry?”

It may be that a supposed position issue would not make sense for the market you are in.

For occasion “your cash or your life” (YMYL) internet pages, ecommerce, or entertainment web-sites could possibly have been matter to different weightings for unique ranking variables.

What Does Your Knowledge Say?

Have you expert Seo benefits in a way that rings correct with the causation assertion created?

Your encounter is just as valid as any individual else’s.

If you have noticed the reverse transpire – for instance, removing unnecessary JPEGs from a webpage brought on your page’s ranking to raise – then that is purpose sufficient to examine the declare further.

Recognize Other Elements

With the case in point specified previously mentioned, there might be other causes why introducing JPEGs to a web page correlated with an increase in SERP rank for a website page.


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For occasion, maybe the visuals involved alt attributes and that was truly what produced the big difference in rank.

Perhaps the visuals were aspect of a page’s redesign and other aspects like exceptional copy were being also launched at the exact time.

It’s also really hard with research operate by third events to know the genuine methodology.

Probably there ended up other variables in enjoy that the scientists did not account for.

That alone could contact into problem the validity of the experiment.

How Large Is the Sample?

When working statistical experiments a researcher will be on the lookout for success that have attained a statistical importance.

That is, an assurance that the romantic relationship in between X and Y did not happen by means of chance.

In get to realize a trustworthy amount of statistical significance, your sample measurement has to be large sufficient.

If your sample dimensions is not substantial ample your experiment may be issue to a sampling error.

A correlation could arise that would simply not be there in a bigger sample size.


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In our case in point, what if only a few web sites were being employed as element of the study into how JPEGs have an effect on rankings.

If two of them experienced found ranking boosts when adding JPEGs to a web site and 1 of them did not then you could conclude that JPEGs have a positive impact on rankings.

Nonetheless, what if you included a even more seven websites to your analyze, and just about every of all those did not show an boost in rankings when JPEGs were being included to the webpage.

That would convey the result to two which showed rank increases and eight that did not.

What would materialize to the effects with an additional 10 web sites?

3 is basically way too compact a sample measurement to make declarations about all the sites in the search engine index.

How Diverse Is the Sample?

Similarly, if your sample is not a diverse enough representation of the complete knowledge established then you threat sampling faults.

For instance, what if the websites picked for our hypothetical examine were all ecommerce internet sites.


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Would it be a trusted adequate experiment to apply these findings to information only internet sites?

Could they be used to YMYL sites?

What if the sites sampled have been all built on WordPress?

Would it be a fair summary to assume that web-sites jogging on Magento would rank in a very similar way?

A Warning on 3rd-Occasion Studies

It is very simple to see reports shared close to the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn and believe the review is extensive.

Similarly, listening to a speaker share their circumstance review at a convention may possibly inspire self-assurance that their conclusions are legitimate.

You cannot be absolutely sure of this, having said that.

A 3rd celebration research may well have experimental flaws.

One situation review is way too small a sample dimensions.


Anytime you listen to a claim about what is or is not vital in Search engine optimisation and there is facts applied to back again it up, make certain you carry oneself again to your faculty science experiments.

Was there a big enough sample utilised?


Carry on Reading Underneath

Were being all the variables accounted for and managed?

Would you get an “A” grade for that study?

If there is any doubt then make absolutely sure you do not acquire the conclusions as point.

Rather, carry on to experiment on your individual.

Monitor the result of any changes you make to your web sites to see if they have the outcome you expected.

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