October 3, 2023


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Which Countries Give Tourist Visa?

10 Countries With Long Visitor Visas for Travelers - Global Goose

Traveling the world is most people’s dream. However, to travel there are various complications, especially with Visas. That’s why most countries have established travel visas to allow tourists in for leisure purposes. 

Types Of Tourist Visas

  1. The Schengen Visa. Schengen Visa allows you to travel most of Europe. It is a short entry visa that authorizes the tourist to travel anywhere within the Schengen Area. With this entry visa, you can enter over 26 countries, such as France, Germany, Greece, and Belgium. You can travel to any of these countries and other Schengen nations for up to 90 days total within 180 days with this sort of visa.
  2. Australia Tourist Visa. Australia issues three, six, or twelve-month tourist visas on a case-by-case basis. It may allow you to enter the country once or several times. The immigration authorities handling your application will determine how long your visa will be valid. In the event that you are given an entry visa, you are permitted to employ tourist services in Australia within the time specified on the document. You may enroll in a brief study course for up to three months during this time, but under no circumstances may you begin a profitable job.
  3. Costa Rica Tourist Visa. A 30-day Costa Rica tourist visa is the maximum length of validity, though it may be granted for less time. You can apply for a visa extension at the Costa Rican Directorate General of Immigration if you require more time in the nation. However, an extension for a Costa Rica visitor visa is a maximum of 60 additional days.
  4. Japan Tourist Visa. In most cases, a single entry 90-day tourist visa for Japan is provided. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to extend your visitor visa. The Japanese Immigration Offices often do not prolong the validity of tourist visas. Only exceptional circumstances, like a sudden illness or accident, would result in the extension of a tourist visa.
  5.  Dubai 5-year Tourist Visa. The Dubai five-year tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enables several visits over the course of five years to all of the UAE, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  On each visit, visitors are permitted a 90-day stay in the nation. Additionally, tourists may transit through any airport or port of entry in the UAE with this 5-year tourist visa for the UAE. Moreover, all nationalities and international visitors who wish to apply for this sort of visa may now do so using the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship’s (ICA) online application system for the UAE.

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa?

If a travel visa is necessary for admission into the countries you intend to visit, you must apply for one at the relevant embassy or consulate. While some nations let you apply for a visa via mail, others demand that you attend in person. If you decide to apply by mail, give yourself enough time for the application to be processed. Other countries, allow you to apply online to get an electronic visa. Others are visa on arrival. Application procedures vary depending on the nation and your nationality. Do your research on the country before you apply.