September 23, 2023


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What Is a Domain Transfer and How To Transfer Your Domain?

How to Transfer A Domain to Your Account - Domain Transfers |

Are you planning for a web domain transfer? If yes, you are in the right place. 

There can be multiple reasons for transferring website domain names from one registrar to another. Some of these include cost, value, domain management, customer support, and so on. 

But the good thing is, transferring a domain name is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a simple and straightforward process. 

This blog will discuss a step-by-step guide for transferring domain hosting Singapore. Keep reading!

What is Domain Name Transfer?

Once you have decided the name of your website, you need to get it registered. And the service that registers and handles domain name reservations by assigning IP addresses is known as a domain name registrar. They have their own pricing structure, terms and conditions.

When you move your domain name from one registrar to another, this process is known as the domain name transfer. 

Common Reasons for Transferring Business Domain Name

So, why would someone transfer their domain name? 

Transferring your business domain name can have many reasons, and these include higher annual costs, poor security, slower uptime, poor customer support, etc., offered by the existing registrar. Besides, most people transfer their domain names after finding the best domain registrar that offers all the desired features at a more affordable price. 

How to Transfer Your Singapore Domain Name?

Before you get started with the domain name transfer, make sure your contact information on the control panel of your current domain registrar is correct and up to date. It is also advisable to have a secondary email address because the email address associated with your existing registrar will be deactivated after the domain name transfer. 

Here are the steps for domain name migration:

  1. Unlock the new domain. You will get this option in the control panel of your registrar. 
  2. Request an auth-Code or authorisation code from your existing registrar. This code acts as a bridge between your existing and new domain name provider. So, it must be supplied within 4-5 days of your request. 
  3. Create an account with your new registrar. 
  4. Now, submit the authorisation code you have requested. This will prevent your domain from being transferred by an unauthorised service. 
  5. Once you’ve submitted the code, you will be contacted by your old as well as new registrar. All you need to do is, authorise the domain transfer by confirming your details. 
  6. Make the payment. 
  7. Select between the public or private domain.
  8. Wait for the confirmation from your new registrar. 
  9. Finally, cancel your old registrar.  

And done!

This is how simple it is to transfer your domain name. Once you make the payment, your domain name will be registered with a new provider. Note that the new registrar will need some time to set up your servers and domain. This can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week. However, your website will stay active and remain accessible under your previous registrar. Once it gets fully transferred and you have received the confirmation, you can deactivate your previous registrar. 

Final Words

Hundreds of domain name registrars are out there, but not all of them are worth your time and money. Fortunately, you can always find a better registrar that offers you the best user experience and features and comes at a reasonable price.

Follow the simple steps and switch to a better service provider that suits your requirements and budget.