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Meet Pat and Mike: The Jazz Bastards
AAJ Staff

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About Pat and Mike

Pat and Mike host the Jazz Bastard podcast. Mike is a English professor who generally helps make his dwelling in San Diego Pat is a lawyer’s helper residing in Central Indiana. They satisfied as Freshmen in college or university and obtaining been bugging each other ever due to the fact.

(Mike—Actually I’m a Humanities lecturer—if I was an English professor I would be noticeably better compensated and less appropriate.)

What is your to start with-at any time radio-connected memory?

Pat: I received a small clock-radio with the numbers that flip (question your dad and mom, young children) from my grandmother. Financial institutions applied to advertise their companies with these types of items, no thought why. My earliest memory is digging “Foolish Enjoy Songs” by Wings, the band the Beatles wished they could be (an Alan Partridge quote—look that a person up too, young ones).

Mike: Young males in and all-around Chicago in the late ’60s early ’70s will try to remember with fondness Larry ‘Uncle Lar’ Lujack of WLS radio, with his wacky sidekick Very little Tommy and their unforgettably perverse and funny “Animal Stories” section. I can recall going for walks to quality university (two miles in the snow, uphill both approaches) with an ear glued to my initially transistor radio, held in thrall by the gravelly, pause-ridden surprise that was Lujack’s voice.

How did your fascination with radio start out?

Pat: “Fascination” can make it audio like radio demands a restraining purchase towards me. We are just excellent close friends.

Mike: Following the transistor radio died, I was held hostage by others controlling the dial: initially my mothers and fathers, afterwards my siblings and, ultimately, Pat. Tyrants all. The radio was the forbidden zone cooler (or just even bigger or meaner) individuals controlled.

What ended up the radio demonstrates that you ended up a admirer of, and why?

Pat: When I moved to Chicago in grad school it was the 1st time I lived in a city massive adequate to have stations that appealed to me. Favored displays have been Larry Smith spinning jazz on WBEZ and so-identified as “option rock” most hrs of the day on WXRT.

Mike: I did mention many others controlling the dial, suitable? So I much too grew to adore Larry ‘Shithead’ (our nickname, not his) Smith and WXRT. The most effective jock there was (and almost certainly nonetheless is) Marty Lennertz, partly for his taste and partly for his ‘regular guy’ shtick (a Chicago accented movie evaluation).

When did your jazz podcast vocation start?

Pat: Eight many years ago.

Mike: Preceded by at the very least 5 decades of indicating ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if we did a present?’

Did you have a mentor or you are a self-produced host?

Pat: I can remedy for Mike for this one: I am his mentor, load-star, and Jedi grasp, all rolled into 1.

Mike: Pfft. Utterly self-made. But as a instructor, I normally see the faces of bemused stupor when I say anything that needs further elaboration. So I commit most of our podcasts imagining those faces on our listeners and do a lot of elaborating the private language that is ‘Pat n’ Mike’ for innocent bystanders. Or so I like to consider.

Do you recall the very first album/music you ever presented on the radio?

Pat: Positive, I retain a checklist of these matters. Favored album from the first exhibit: Ronald Shannon Jackson

” information-unique-title=”” title=””>Ronald Shannon Jackson‘s Nasty. At minimum that is the a single that bugged Mike the most.

Mike: What he mentioned. He even now does most of the driving it feels like. Tyrant.

What stations have you labored for?

Pat: No stations—I’m a baby of the podcast era. A late middle-aged baby.

Mike: Exact. Albeit somewhat less center-aged and considerably improved-preserved.

How do you strategy every episode?

Pat: We thrash out what to do next time at the finish of a offered episode, then test not to think of it too considerably until finally recording working day.

Mike: Also, a large amount of it is ruled by serendipity: what I’ve snagged from on the web trading or Pat’s picked up on his newest vinyl foray. Moreover the the latest releases that wander our way.

How extensive does it choose you to develop a demonstrate?

Pat: Two hours to history, 6 or additional to edit. But then I’m OCD about editing.

Mike: Just the ninety minutes where by I have to pay attention to Pat maintain forth and once in a while interject a pearl of knowledge. That doesn’t count the hrs listening and limbering up my voice to shout around Pat…

Are you a Vinyl, CDs, or Information host?

Pat: We use only the best low—bit level mono-songs clips—it’s a speak show with the hope that the listener will acquire or stream the true issue. At residence, even though, I am a vinyl sort of person.

Mike: I have constantly been a late adopter of technological know-how. So at this point, I prefer the CDs, but make do with documents when I have to. I am not abundant like Pat so vinyl is out of the concern. Nevertheless it does make Xmas searching for him noticeably easier (trace: any new Beach Boys re-re-re-release on vinyl will do).

Pat: I forgot to point out this, but I am answering these thoughts from my non-public island.

What is it that ordinarily impresses you about a musician?

Pat: The perception that what she or he is taking part in is expressing a little something outside of the jazz curriculum at school.

Mike: It’s a cliche but, I know it when I listen to it. Some thing that helps make me halt whatever I’m carrying out and sit up and pay back interest. It can be practically anything—depends on the artist.

How do you interact with your audience?

Pat: By accident. Actually, I file the demonstrate for my very own pleasure (and Mike’s suffering) and hope some listeners take pleasure in it.

Mike: I do imagine, possibly way too a lot, about what youthful innocents listening to the demonstrate will believe. So at times I try (or prod Pat to try out) to interject a little primary information for the beginner. I hate clubs that are closed to newcomers and I would like to believe our present is welcoming to persons who’ve never ever imagined really hard about or listened to jazz.

Do you have a perception of who is listening to your clearly show?

Pat: Extremely perfectly-off, clever, very good-wanting people. With good style.

Mike: Relatives, shut-ins, eccentrics? These sets often overlap, by the way.

How do you sense about “airwave radio” vs. “online radio”?

Pat: I get pleasure from the area classical station (WBAA out of West Lafayette, Indiana motto—”The Sheep In no way Sleeps.) I have a enormous audio collection so not often stream world wide web radio but it truly is a important useful resource.

Mike: At this issue, I pretty much never listen to radio. Actually, the only time I do now is on long drives. And then it truly is just AM conservative converse radio. The outrage (mine) retains me awake by way of the flatter purple states.

If you were programming your final podcast clearly show, which tunes would you open and close with?

Pat: It is a jazz display, but in all probability Joy Division


Mike: Open: Nearly anything from Convention of the Birds. Shut: “Just Like Heaven” by the Treatment.

Pat: I generally pay attention to podcasts. The New York Periods “Popcast” is possibly closest to your readership’s passions.

Mike: It truly is possibly against the regulations, but I you should not listen to (or view) any podcasts. I’m concerned listening to or seeing some others do it better would make me under no circumstances want to do ours once more.