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Student Life at University of Connecticut

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Around 75 percent of the students at the University of Connecticut live on campus. This number includes many graduate students. The university hosts many events on campus for its students throughout the year and they also sponsor around 300 student organizations that are available to its students.

Some of the organizations at the University of Connecticut include frats and sororities, musical groups, religious groups, athletics, political groups, cultural groups, business groups, military groups, artistic groups, and community service groups. The university has a student run newspaper that is called The Daily Campus. Many students participate in this newspaper and it is actually the largest student newspaper in the state of Connecticut.

UConn is ranked number 13 on the 2005 Princeton Review list of schools with more to do on campus than off. The university tries to make the school not feel so rural by providing free bus transportation to many area events and also arranging bus trips to Boston, Manhattan, and Connecticut beaches.

One of the biggest events at UConn is the annual Spring Weekend that is highlighted by a concert by big name artists. In 2000, the university had Outkast and Third Eye Blind, Guster and Nelly in 2001, Fat Joe and Nine Days in 2002, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes in 2003, Ludacris and Kanye West in 2004, Nas and Fabolous in 2005, OAR in 2006, Dashboard Confessional, Reel Big Fish, and The Starting Line in 2007, and Method Man, Redman, Flo-Rida, and T-Pain in 2008. The University of Connecticut consistently puts on some of the best concerts for its students compared to other state universities.

Greek life at UConn isn’t as good as other large universities. However, since 2003, UConn has taken many steps to improve greek life on campus and providing a quality greek life experience for its students. They currently have a university operated Greek housing in the “Husky Village” area on top of Horsebarn Hill. They also hired a full time staff to deal with fraternity and sorority operations. Right now there are 27 Greek organizations that have chapters at UConn.

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