June 19, 2024


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Process and Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for Homes

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Using solar energy has been common nowadays for residential and commercial use, maybe because people are becoming more aware of the damage done by fossil fuels, which is the main source of energy, to the environment. Therefore they are now shifting to renewable energy sources which is the sun. Energy from the sun can be collected by the use of solar panel systems. Solar panel companies have been sprouting and customizing setups that can fit clients’ needs for solar energy. 

Process of Solar Panel Installation

  1. Site Visit By Engineer

After you have decided and signed the contract to get a solar panel system, an Engineer will be assigned to check your property and electrical status. The purpose of this visit is to check the compatibility of the materials to be used in your solar panel installation. Expect them to check your roofing, since this is the usual part of the house where solar panels are mounted then they will be checking on your electrical panels. They will check everything that can be related to the solar panel installation. 

  1. Documents and Permits 

Paperworks are part of solar panel installation, permits are needed in order to have it installed. The good thing about this is, most solar companies are the ones doing all the paperwork for their clients. State and Solar federal incentives need to be applied for homeowners. There are restrictions and requirements for each state, but no need to worry about it since your solar installer knows about it and they will assist you with it. 

  1. Choosing and Ordering of Equipment

You will be given choices of materials to use for your solar panel system. They will be offering you items that can fit your budget and the ones that match your home set up. Reading reviews and recommendations from other users can help you decide which one is the best. Although your installer will be orienting you with their products, it is still wise to research on your own for your own knowledge and satisfaction. Once you have chosen the materials you prefer, they will now place the order. You have to wait for your scheduled time for installation, as long your paper is complete then everything is ready. 

  1. Installation Day 

The day every client is waiting for since everything is complete. The installer will now start installing solar panels on your roof. Once it is mounted well, they will proceed with the wirings. Next will be connecting inverters to your panels. Be reminded that this will not be done in a day but around three days or more. If an additional power meter is needed then the installation will be extended to more days. Solar panel installers will make sure everything is placed properly and securely before they can say the job is done. 

As customers, It will be wise to be familiar with how solar panels are installed and what are the things necessary and things needed. This is your investment, therefore you should at least have basic knowledge on how it is done and how it works of course since you will be the one running it. 

Benefits of Getting Solar Panel Installation 

Reduction on Bills 

Shifting to solar energy can cut your electricity bills up to 80%. Solar energy produced by your solar panels can be used 24/7. While running in day time it will produce the energy you need to power up your home while storing energy in your battery. Energy saved on the battery can then be used during night time. 

Eco friendly

Solar energy is renewable energy, which means it will not emit toxic substances. That’s why it is environmentally friendly, using it will make you contribute to cleaner air. 

Get Tax Rebates and Credits

Upon filing your taxes you will get 30% federal tax from your solar installation. The act was created way back in 2004 and was renewed repeatedly. This bill has benefited solar panel homeowners for years now. 

Solar Panel Installation Process and Benefits should be presented to prospective clients before asking to get one, in that way everything is explained and they would know how it works and what benefit they can get from it. It requires an investment anyway, so double-checking should be done before purchasing it for your home.  


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