February 20, 2024


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Hannity and Co. Shed Their Minds When Geraldo Rivera Claims Kamala Harris Was ‘Competent’ at Debate

Fox Information correspondent-at-significant Geraldo Rivera seemingly didn’t get the memo on Wednesday night that attendees on Sean Hannity’s exhibit weren’t supposed to praise Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ debate functionality.

While the other cable information networks criticized a “limp and lame” Vice President Mike Pence for continuously interrupting Harris in the course of the discussion, Hannity—a near confidant and adviser to President Donald Trump—and his other pro-Trump friends predictably gushed around the veep’s performance.

Immediately after declaring Harris was “caught lying purple-handed” about significant problems such as race relations and courtroom-packing, Hannity turned to recurrent visitor Leo Terrell—a a single-time liberal pundit turned entire-on Trump booster who has not long ago christened himself “Leo 2.0” to admit the general public shift.

“Harris was lying so a lot she desired a seat belt, she was squirming all over, moving all around, since she was lying,” a manic Terrell exclaimed. “She was just squirming all over. She even played the race card on the Supreme Courtroom-packing.”

Right after Terrell concluded his tirade in opposition to the California senator, Hannity turned to Rivera, telling his Fox News colleague that Harris had lied about several challenges through the night.

“I believe you are burying the lede, while, Sean,” Rivera, a close good friend of Trump’s, said. “The only authentic slip-up Kamala Harris created tonight was in excess of smirking, about smiling. She had to sell herself to the American people as not a terrifying girl, that she would be a skilled, believable, credible vice president. I believe she passed that threshold.”

“I believe that the vice president’s only sin tonight was about conversing,” he ongoing. “You know, people today, I think—people get annoyed when the moderator says quit, end, stop, 3 or 4 periods. In conditions of the distinct difficulty, I believe it is all about the impact. I feel this was a tie.”

Both equally Terrell and Hannity instantly exploded, although Rivera made available up only gentle compliments about Harris’ general performance and mentioned that Pence also scored some details.

“What discussion did he look at?!” Terrell erupted, contacting for fellow panelist and previous Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee to “straighten him out.”

“I really like Geraldo, but he’s got to get to an ophthalmologist tomorrow as speedily as he can. He definitely did not see the discussion that Leo and I and the relaxation of The us noticed,” Huckabee quipped, resulting in Terrell to applaud loudly.

Hannity recurring his guests’ assessment of Rivera’s examination, also noting that when he “loves” Rivera, the Fox News correspondent “missed the complete point in this article.”

The three-on-one assault of Rivera ongoing for a several additional minutes, culminating in Terrell yelling “bravo” over and around right after Huckabee accused Harris of not caring about the two California law enforcement officers who ended up lately shot in an ambush.

At the conclusion of the off-the-rails phase, Hannity insisted Pence “overwhelmingly won” the debate by pointing to two unscientific on line decide-in polls, a tactic he employed next last week’s presidential debate to falsely declare Trump the victor.

CNN’s scientific flash poll, nevertheless, found that on Wednesday night time that the vast vast majority of respondents felt Harris was the winner.