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6 Traits of the Best Outsourced Administrative Assistant

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10 Qualities Sought in an Administrative Assistant | Adminjobs.ca

Outsourcing your administrative assistant can be a great decision for your business. When looking to outsource this position, it is important to find the best possible fit for your company. The ideal administrative assistant should have several traits that will make them an asset to your team. Some of the most important qualities of a great administrative assistant are listed below.

Strong organisational skills

One of the primary responsibilities of an administrative assistant is to keep the office organised. This includes keeping track of schedules, organising files, and managing correspondence. A great administrative assistant will have strong organisational skills and be able to handle these tasks efficiently. As much as possible, the office should run smoothly with as little disruption as possible and this will be largely due to the organisational skills of the administrative assistant.

Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

In a fast-paced business environment, your administrative assistant must be able to multitask. They should be able to handle a variety of tasks at once and do so in an efficient manner. This will allow them to take on additional responsibilities as needed and ensure that the office runs smoothly.

Knowledge of technology and software

To be an effective member of your team, your administrative assistant should know a variety of computer programs including word processing, spreadsheet management, email systems, scheduling software, and social media platforms. They should also possess excellent typing skills. They must be able to utilise technology to complete their tasks and keep up with the ever-changing world of business.

Ability to work independently

An administrative assistant often works independently, completing tasks with minimal supervision. They should be able to take initiative and be a self-starter. The best administrative assistants can think for themselves and work independently, as needed.


An administrative assistant may often have to adapt to changing situations on the job. There are times when they will need to quickly shift priorities or learn new skills to keep up with their workload. A great administrative assistant will have good adaptability and be able to respond well to changing situations.

Strong communication skills

An administrative assistant must be able to communicate effectively with the people in your office. They need to speak clearly and listen carefully so that they can understand what is needed from them. They should also have strong written communication skills, as they often write emails, memos, and other correspondence.

The Bottom Line

The best administrative assistants have the traits listed above, making them an asset to any business. If you are looking to outsource this position, be sure to keep these qualities in mind.

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